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One of my hobbies is creating high quality GPX tracks for my personal use when exploring the back country.  I am often disappointed with the quality or accuracy of the files I find shared on the internet.  My OCD personality just cant handle it when I'm on a route and I look down at my GPS to see I'm on the right trail but the track on the GPS is 100ft to my left going through someone's yard. 


So I spend weeks or longer modifying all my files to be as accurate as possible, re-drawing them in their entirety.  Even a 10,000 mile track is edited in some places down to 20ft at a time to get the most detail and accuracy.  After the 100's of hours of work I put into each file, I share it because I hate seeing other people struggle using poor quality GPX files. 


If you use any of these tracks and run into an issue you think needs to be addressed, use the contact form and I will reach out to you for more details.  All routes are in standard GPX format.  Tracks may be edited/updated at any time.  My most recent versions will always be here.  Files are provided "as is".  Use your own judgement.  Each track I post has been proofed in GAIA GPS using the GAIA TOPO and OVERLAND layers but are standard GPX files that will work in any GPS or app that can import them.

trans america trail gpx
continental divide gpx
trans canada adventure trail gpx
lost coast gpx
white rim and shafer switchbacks gpx
blue ridge parkway gpx
skyline drive gpx
natchez trace gpx
kofa wildlife refuge gpx
the alpine loop gpx
utahs mighty 5 gpx
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