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GPX Routes

One of my hobbies is creating high quality GPX routes for my personal use when exploring the back country.  I am often disappointed with the quality or accuracy of the files I find shared on the internet.  My OCD personality just cant handle it when I'm on a route and I look down at my GPS to see I'm on the right trail but the track on the GPS is 100ft to my left going through someone's yard. 


So I spend weeks or longer modifying all my files to be as accurate as possible, re-drawing them in their entirety.  Even a 10,000 mile route is edited in some places down to 20ft at a time to get the most detail and accuracy.  After the 100's of hours of work I put into each file, I share it because I hate seeing other people struggle using poor quality GPX routes. 


If you use any of these routes and run into an issue you think needs to be addressed, use the contact form and I will reach out to you for more details.  All routes are in standard GPX format.  Routes may be edited/updated at any time.  My most recent versions will always be here.  Routes are provided "as is".  Use your own judgement.  Each route I post has been proofed in GAIA GPS using the GAIA TOPO and OVERLAND layers but are standard GPX files that will work in any GPS or app that can import them.


This is a coast-to-coast 6,000 mile route starting from Cape Hatteras, NC to Port Orford, Oregon.  I have done it twice and during those trips I have made edits for road accuracy.

The CDT Route is just under 3,000 miles from Mexico to Canada.  My route also visits the headwaters of the Colorado River at La Poudre Pass and Glacier National Park.  Sections can easily be added or skipped to be whatever route you like.

The TCAT is a 10,000 mile route across Canada.  Very few riders have been known to complete the entire route, and even fewer have done it in one go.  A truly epic gravel ride.

The Lost Coast is a 100-120 mile section of wild California coastline that is perfect for adventure bike riders.  Ferndale, CA to Usal Beach.

The White Rim trail in Moab (Canyonlands) is probably the best adventure bike loop in the area.  100-150 miles depending on where you start from.  Also includes Shafer Road GPX so you have options.

This GPX is a simple line down the entire 472 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Its almost impossible to get lost on the BRP, but here's the route if you want something to glance at on your GPS while you ride.

Skyline Drive is either a precursor to the BRP or an addition, depending on which direction you're heading. The southern end of Skyline Drive connects to Mile 0 of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  105 miles.

The NT Parkway is a scenic route 444 miles through AL, MS, and TN.  It roughly follows the "Old Natchez Trace", a historic travel corridor used by American Indians, European settlers, slave traders, soldiers, and future Presidents.  

Various routes and waypoints to create a large loop through the Kofa wilderness between Quartzite and Yuma, AZ

The Alpine Loop leaves pavement and people behind, crossing the remote, rugged, spectacular heart of the San Juan Mountains. It's demanding—the two 12,000-foot passes (Cinnamon and Engineer) require a high-clearance four-wheel-drive vehicle — but the well-prepared motorist reaps unparalleled rewards: pristine mountain views, hiking and biking trails, great camping opportunities, and ample solitude.

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