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The Lost Coast

The Lost Coast is one of California's last remaining wild areas.  Sheltered from the encroaching concrete jungle by the ruggedness of it's terrain, it makes an excellent adventure ride.  The main route is just over 100 miles, but there are many offshoots you can explore if you study your maps.  The 20 or so miles between Four Corners and Usal beach can be very slippery on a motorcycle in the rain so use caution.  Part of the route is paved but the scenery more than makes up for it.  Watch for potholes.  Narrow roads and almost no other cars so ride to the right when cresting hills for safety.

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 13.18.54.png

GPX route file

Click the map above to download the Lost Coast route.

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 13.16.28.png

GPX Waypoint file

There are only a handful of waypoints but they may be handy if you have always wanted to call a friend from a real working payphone...

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