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The Trans America Trail

You can find a few versions of the Trans America Trail on the internet.  The original is found at, and a another version, the old route, if you search for GPS Kevin.  I tend to stick to the official route and add a leg to Cape Hatteras to make it coast-to-coast.  I just don't think the files you have to pay for are very good (I paid for them so I know)  Time marches on and technology advances.  It is my opinion that there was room for improvement in the quality of the routes currently available.  Anyone who has used TAT GPX routes has seen for themselves that the GPX line is very "coarse", does not follow roads accurately at times, and in many cases leaves the user to guess at the next turn due to the GPX line being too far off from where the real road is.  (see example below)  You can certainly find your way, but it's not always intuitive.  There's no reason for routes to be this inaccurate with our modern tech.  This is simply due to the shortcomings of GPS devices used many years ago to record the original tracks.  Devices are better today so we need better GPX files. 


I have travelled the TAT coast to coast twice, recording my tracks each day from start to finish.  Then I have imported the tracks into GAIA GPS and hand traced the entire 6,000 miles (~5,957) in 100-mile sections from coast to coast.  I have edited out any back-tracks or missed turns, offshoots to motels or lunch stops.  The files were created inside of GAIA GPS and therefore match existing roads in the app perfectly.  This route is a coast-to-coast option as it was in 2022.  My tracks are designed to be used on the very popular GAIA GPS app using the GAIA OVERLAND (feet) or GAIA TOPO (feet) layer for best results.  However, they are standard GPX files and can be used in any app or standalone GPS device like any other GPX.  (Some apps don't like long GPX files so if all else fails, my advice is to use Gaia, its what I test my routes on.)  It runs from Cape Hatteras, NC to Port Orford, OR. 


My latest TAT crossing was 2022 and this file reflects any new bridges or blocked roads I encountered at that time.  The TAT is a constantly evolving route, just as roads and weather are.  Use the route as a guide but never feel locked to it.  Part of the fun is self-navigating around route closures.  No two TAT runs are ever the same and that's part of the enjoyment.  Please use the contact page to pass on moto-friendly establishments you encounter along the way.  Campgrounds, bike shops, unique food stops, etc. and I will evaluate them for additions to the waypoint files.

Have a safe ride.


GPX route file

Click the map above to download my coast to coast route file.  The route is just under 6,000 miles.  It has been separated into sixty 100-mile sections that will be easy to follow.


GPX Waypoint file

Random waypoints that I used along the way to highlight certain locations, restaurants, camp sites, and other notable stops.  Have a spot you'd like to see on the map?  Do you want people to know your place is available for repairs or an overnight camp?  Contact me through the contact page and lets talk.

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