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May 31, 2024

I'm near SLC, Utah today getting the 25,000 mile service done on the BMW.  So far it has been absolutely flawless.  This road trip has passed the 11,000 mile mark.  The Trailmax Mission tires have worked very well the entire time, but I'm going to switch to Trailmax Raids for the next set. I'll be joining the TAT from here to Oregon to be at the 51st BMW MOA Rally in 2 weeks.

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A map that shows my entire route so far


I have received feedback that some users are having difficulty importing GPX files into Basecamp.  I have reformatted the TAT and the TCAT files so they should now be in a more universal standard and should import into Basecamp and other programs as a TRACK file.  I will work through the remaining files on the site until they are all changed over.

NEW TRACK ADDED: The newest GPX addition is the Utah Mighty 5.  An on and off road route connecting 5 National Parks and a few notable locations through southern Utah.  800 miles and yes, there will be sand.

Utah Mighty 5


I will be adding a section of the site just for product reviews.  This section will only include products I have used long term and have purchased with my own money.  I don't do sponsorships, and I don't have affiliate marketing links.  I want to review products that I put my own money into using, just like you do, so you can be sure I'm not influenced by sponsors or donors.  I have a lot of great products lined up but its going to take me a minute to get the ball rolling.  Lots of travel coming up.

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